All across the world, every single day, people miss those whom they have lost, and wish to communicate with them. The ability to communicate with the spirit world and those who now reside there is called mediumship. Mediums are able to connect to the spirit world by holding a seance, and can communicate with the spirits by using their natural psychic abilities, whether that’s clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience.

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* The time remaining is shown when the reader is in a credit card reading. This is only an estimated time.

The customer may choose to extend their reading. If this happens, the reader will not become available and additional time will then be shown.

The time remaining is not available on premium rate or wallet calls.



We have a number of naturally gifted, professional psychic mediums. Having an online reading with a medium is not that different from having one face to face; the medium takes some time at the start of the call to connect to you and your voice, and then ‘tunes in’ to the spirit world. They will relay any messages they receive back to you, and give you the opportunity to discuss anything, and relay your messages back.

We believe that dealing with the spirit world needs compassion and empathy, which is why we choose all of our psychics not only for their abilities, but for their professionalism and their personalities too.