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What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I like to give guidance, clarity, understanding and healing to clients, so that when our conversation ends, they leave feeling happier and more aware of what lies ahead for them in the future. This gives me a lot of satisfaction, knowing that I have helped.

How are you typical of your star sign?

There are quite a few traits, sensitivity, intuition, empathic, a good listener and am protective to loved one's. I also have a lot of warm Leo in my Birth Chart, which is nice also, so I have both elements.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

The first experience I had was being aware of someone sitting on my bed at night when I was around 14 years old. This was later confirmed to me by a medium to be my grandmother, who was looking in and checking that I was alright.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

A lady came to me, being very sceptical at the time. I mentioned she would change her job; she would also take in a female lodger, giving her name and giving information regarding her relationship etc. This lady wouldn't except or acknowledge any of this information. Needless to say she returned to see me to confirm everything I had said to her had come to pass. She was amazed that I had even given her the correct name of her new female lodger.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

During the twenty years of reading for people, the life experiences that I had had have only make you stronger and enable you to help others. Life's experiences bring knowledge and wisdom.

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Eileen really tries to give you the best responses she can by asking the right questions. She said something re a job in March which obviously didn’t seem likely with circumstances right now but she was right. She said contact from someone and that also happened. Just waiting for the ex to say what she has suggested - I was shocked the other stuff came true so I don’t know if this will but if it does - just wow. Great reader! A reason she’s always busy. Thank you

This lady is a superstar! Great reading thank you, will be back with updatesxxc

This lady is a superstar! Great reading thank you, will be back with updatesxxc

One word INCREDIBLE! This lady is amazing and is very rarely wrong, 90 % of what Eileen has told me has happened and I have no doubt that next year will all come in as she’s seen. Here’s to finally getting my happiness after a long battle. Thank you Eileen. H xx

Lovely lady .Gave me lots of information.I wish I had extended for longer as the information she was giving me was so accurate .She picked up aspects of my life that I was not inquiring about and I was grateful for that. Thank you Eileen I will certainly call you again. Mary x

I have been call I g Eileen for 6 years now...Job loss, relation ups and issues, anxiety and all.....Eileen has always been honest, accurate and professional and most of it really really Eileen

Eileen is a wonderful reader. She has been very accurate in the past, what she can see certainly comes to fruition. I trust her guidance. Thank you Eileen J x

Eileen I so hope all You said is true for my ex & myself shall update you August if he moves back in July (16/5/19). You have helped me find peace again thank you Dx

Wow Eileen you was so right when you said my ex the Leo fire sign (which you correctly picked up) you saw an argument coming between myself and him well it happened literally days after, I really wasn't expecting this as we have have been getting on for such a long time now! Really looking forward to your predictions coming in regarding the man on his business trip overseas, you also see the relationship coming together nicely and May/June looking good for us. Thankyou i will be in touch. Lots of love Gemma xxx

Thank you for your reading today. As you told me that my ex will be in touch soon and he broke up with his gf right now. I will come back to confirm. Thanks a lot.