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I've always known that my role in life is to help people. My profound intuition and psychic ability has grown stronger over the years. I feel very much called to do this work and am looking forward to bringing light and healing energy to my clients.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love being able to communicate messages from the spirit world that show the hidden opportunities that are often available if we just open up to them. Often I can see where a person has got stuck in a pattern and I can use a psychic reading to show a person how to see things differently and attract more of what they want into their life. There is great satisfaction in being able to surprise someone with some very precise details of their current situation. The best thing about giving a reading is that people are often worried about a problem, whether that be romance, finances or work and by the end of the reading they are feeling so much more confident with a clear picture of how to move forward.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

As a Leo I'm fiercely loyal and bring the warmth of a sunny personality to those around me.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I was 4 I remember telling my mum about the lovely lady who had sat on my bed in the night. She had told me to tell my mum not to worry because she had seen me. A few days later my mum got an airmail saying that her own mother had died and all she had talked about as she lay dying was wanting to see her first grandchild and that just as she died she said "God has shown me the child". I heard my mother crying as I drew closer I could see the letter and a picture of a woman on the table. I said excitedly to my mum; "That's her mummy! That's the lovely lady!" My Grandma whom I never met while she was alive has been my spirit guide all these years. When I am reading for a client I can see her nodding while she says mmmhmm in agreement. Very occasionally she will say "Child, are you sure about that?" Then I look again and suddenly it’s much clearer.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I remember telling a client that she needed to have her car looked at. It just kept coming through really strongly. I said that I didn't see any danger just frustration for her if she was going on a long trip. She was very sceptical particularly as she was leaving when I said remember to get that little silver car checked out. She stopped and turned round and told me that she had a black car. The rest of the reading had gone really well with lots of very accurate information but I could tell she thought I was way off with the car info especially as she told me she had just bought it, nearly new with a full MOT and service history. A few weeks later she rang to tell me that on her way over to Wales with the kids and a ton of camping gear the car sputtered to a stop on a remote road. When the AA came they did some checks and told her that the car had previously been badly damaged in an accident and hadn't been repaired properly. The mileage had been falsified along with the service history. To top it all the car had undergone a paint job from silver to black!

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have worked with children and families for many, many years dealing with difficult issues like homelessness, abuse and drugs. Empathy and compassion are second nature. Whatever I'm doing, I do it with love and without judging anyone. As a psychic my clients will always feel respected and cared for.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

You'll know the Psychic that is right for you, trust your instincts. As a psychic I can see the probable outcome and the opportunities in front of a person and help them understand why their life is going a certain way. That can be really helpful but it is no substitute for getting expert help when you need it. A psychic with integrity will always advise a client to seek specialist help if that's what they really need.


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I've just had a lovely reading from Ciela, I can't thank her enough as I was feeling really low and by the end of the reading had a clearer outlook on the way forward. She has a lovely energy with a very calming voice throughout the whole reading which I also extended. We had a good connection, I found myself laughing about some of the things she brought up which were very true. Her validations were spot on and I really appreciated all the advice she offered. Highly recommended and will definitely call her again. Thank you so much Ciela. bless you xx

I'm astounded with Ciela Reina. Such a genuine reading with no leading questions! She gave me clarity and can't thank her enough! I will definitely call back again when I need some help. Thank you Ciela xx

Just had a lovely reading from Ciela I was feeling pretty low but felt a lot better after my reading with her. She has a lovely kind and genuine nature that puts you at ease and her validations are on point really enjoyed talking with her. Sorry the call got cut off Ciela but will definitely call you again. Bless you Linda xx

Blown away. Tuned straight into my situation with little very information. Thank-you Ciela! Will definitely call back again.

Thank you for an incredible reading. We really did a lot on my work/career front which was amazing. Such clarity in the reading and offered wonderful insights and information that I could use. We also touch on relationships, which again offered guidance and understanding to help me overcome the obstacles. This was my first time reading with Ciela, and am very glad we connected. AG 05/19

Lovely positive lady. I highly recommend her.

Thank you Ciela...youre such a luvly lady and brought peace and calm to me when I needed it. A very thorough and deep reading which gave me a clear insight into the reason for my call. I will now look at the work situation with detachment and act accordingly with the bonus of knowing something else is going on behind the scenes. With regard to the luvlife..he'll just have to catch me if he can as Im off! Haha Luv Dx

All I can say is Wow. This woman has a rare gift and I cannot say I have had such a good reading for many years. As she spoke to me I hardly said a word.This woman has a hotline to the angels x

Very nice energy. The validation was definitely on. I will call back in a few weeks to give you an update. I enjoyed talking with you. Claire from Canada

Thank you for the reading Ciela. You picked up on quite a few things happening, especially the Mr Right Now!